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Manikin Games
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To run

1) Extract the folder from the zip
2) Open it and run SilhouetteMapEditor.exe (Windows) or (Mac OSX)
3) To run in fullscreen mode (recommended), make sure the "Windowed" option is not checked

To load maps into the game

1) Create and save your map in the map editor
2) Make sure you have downloaded the latest Windows or Mac OSX version of Silhouette at:
3) When you extract the game's files, the directory containing the .exe (Windows) or .app (OSX) should contain a Maps folder
4) Simply copy your newly created maps from the editor's Maps directory to the one found in the game's directory
5) Select your map from the New Game menu


1) Click the help button (the question mark at the top right of the screen) for a list of the editor's commands and hotkeys
2) Watch the on screen messages when you try to save or load. For instance, you will not be able to save a map without a victim start, killer start, exit and key. The on screen messages will tell you this.
3) If there is no on screen message of any kind when you click save, the map has not saved. This is probably because the path specified at the top of the editor can't find the directory you've specified ("Maps" by default). You must make sure the path is valid, and that the directory specified exists.

Thanks for your interest in Silhouette!
If you have any further problems with this map editor, feel free to contact us.
Twitter: jemmiwinks