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Manikin Games
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Mac OS X
Map Editor

Current version: Alpha 1.20

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- To make your own maps, you will need to download the map editor, and either the Windows or OS X version. Store your maps in the folder called "Maps", in the same location as the game.

How to Play

Silhouette is a game for two players.

Player one is the victim, who is trapped in a mansion. The victim must escape by finding an exit. However, the exit is locked and the victim must first find a key hidden somewhere in the house.

Player two is a killer. He must stop the victim from escaping by hunting him down.

Player one (Victim):
Movement: W A S D keys
Sprint: Left Shift (Hold)
Use health syringe: R
Special: Run past the killer by sprinting into him

Player two (Killer):
Movement: Arrow keys
Attack: Right Alt
Special: Perform a lunge attack by holding attack

Pause/menu: Escape