Radical bra! Legends of the Swell

Silhouette has been really well-received since Rezzed, but while it marinates I’ve been working on a new prototype for the makegamessa month-long game dev competition. This time round, the idea is to make a game that only has two usable buttons, which provides its own set of wonderful and maddening challenges!

We’re encouraged not to limit ourselves to game ideas that we think would be totally suited to two-button input, but rather to explore what other game genres would be like with only two buttons. This would include games that are traditionally suited to having many inputs, like sports games, beat ’em ups, and strategy games.

With that in mind, I started making a surfing game! I’m tentatively calling it “Legends of the Swell”, but that may change. Here is the current state of the game:

The left arrow turns the surfer left, and right right, while holding down both builds up a jump. There will also be powerups floating above the crest of the wave. So, the gameplay will have the player trying to navigate the wave shape and build momentum, grab powerups, and perform tricks.

At the moment, my challenge is trying to come up with a novel but fun way to perform tricks given the two button constraints. It’ll probably involve a system of combining left, right and hold moves together to form combos, and maybe even being able to create custom tricks.

The competition ends of the 9th of August, so I’ll post a build soon!